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Polarian Repository

Polarian Repository (PolarRepo) is a Unofficial Arch Linux repository hosting packages which are maintained by Polarian, or requested by other users.

Getting started

Add the following to /etc/pacman.conf


Server = https://polarrepo.polarian.dev/

FOR HTTP (unencrypted, but faster -> less overhead)

Server = http://polarrepo.polarian.dev/

Adding GPG signature

curl https://git.polarian.dev/AUR/polarrepo/raw/branch/master/pkg/keys/polarian.asc | doas pacman-key --add -

You can also use sudo:

$ curl https://git.polarian.dev/AUR/polarrepo/raw/branch/master/pkg/keys/polarian.asc | sudo pacman-key --add -

$ pacman-key --lsign-key 0770E5312238C760 (Locally signs Polarian's key verifying it, thus allowing pacman to successfully verify packages signed by Polarian)

Congratulations, you are done, you can install any packages on your repository, check PKGLIST.md for a list of packages we host.

Warning, if you get a GPG error, reimport the key to update the gpg key, this will fix GPG errors most of the time!

Requesting for a package to be added

If you would like a package added to PolarRepo, please submit an issue on this repository.

Issue with one of the AUR packages

If the AUR package is maintained by PolarianDev, then please submit an issue on the respective repository within the AUR organisation.

If the AUR package is maintained by another AUR user, please submit an issue on this repository and I will look into it for you.