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Polarian 2a62fb1a1f
Added xml configuration 5 months ago
Polarian 89b6f9383d
Improved completion 5 months ago
Polarian 619d2774a6
Improved java configuration 5 months ago
Polarian 6713292585
Fixed completion and added markdown config 6 months ago
Polarian ff48b217ed
Rearranged init.vim 12 months ago
Polarian 9ab82bb424
Fixed typo in treesitter.lua 12 months ago
Polarian a7b85149a8
Forgot to source treesitter config 12 months ago
Polarian 6628074830
Fixed java LSP, ~gruvbox, +treesitter
~ changed
+ added
12 months ago
Polarian 9946438a59
Merge branch 'master' of git.polarian.dev:nvim-dotfiles 1 year ago
Polarian 849abe1708
Set tabwidth to 2 for java files
In order to follow java coding conventions I have adjusted my tab width
for java files to avoid fighting against the formatter
1 year ago
Polarian 8df97ace62
Added python support and fixed lsp issues 1 year ago
Polarian 9a38983c1d
Fixed jdtls projects 1 year ago
Polarian 7708da63bc
Added html support 1 year ago
Polarian b7c8df29dd
Improved auto-complete
- Added cmp-calc for calucations
- Fixed cmp-path so it actually works now
1 year ago
Polarian 899fb6b1ae
Added java lsp support 1 year ago
Polarian 8e23954502
Added comments to init.vim 1 year ago
Polarian 512b960d12
Rearranged dependencies 1 year ago
Polarian a787d4c3fe
re-enabled nerdtree 1 year ago
Polarian f224818845
Added support for kotlin 1 year ago
Polarian 491c680eeb
Removed treesitter due to it being bugged 1 year ago
Polaris c7574b0424
Added back treesitter 2 years ago
Polaris e68d2fe59a
removed treesitter 2 years ago
Polaris b9ba8ac41c Autocomplete changes 2 years ago
Polaris 75fab6037d Added vim fugitive 2 years ago
Polaris 997fbfba2f
added c/c++ and rust language support 2 years ago
Polaris aac41f5a9c
Reformatted config structure 2 years ago
Polaris fe39535354
Moved from compe to cmp 2 years ago
Polaris 82e3fc9046
Removed jdtls --> broken, moved to csharp-ls, added terminal keybind 2 years ago
Polaris 37de679729 further attempts to get lsp working with jdtls 2 years ago
Polaris c9d8d349e2 reworked config completely 2 years ago
Polaris 9aa28f5426 Added lualine 2 years ago
Polaris 4ded1e3dc2 Added fzf 2 years ago
PolarianDev b558ba0edb Added dotnet support 2 years ago
PolarianDev 394c715349 initial commit 2 years ago