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Polarian 2d107207b6
Updated README, renamed and improved spec
- Updated README to explain the different specifications found within
  the spec directory.
- Renamed spec.md to pkgspec.md to be more clear about its
- Updated pkgspec.md and began work on PKGINFO specification.
- Added buildspec.md file, TO BE IMPLEMENTED
5 months ago
Polarian f030710609 Merge pull request 'Fix spelling and stylistic mistakes' (#1) from lemonsh/lbpkg:lemonsh-spelling-fix into master
Reviewed-on: #1
5 months ago
lemonsh 66d58ac984 Fix spelling and stylistic mistakes 5 months ago
Polarian dcb47aae1f
Added license info to README.md 5 months ago
Polarian b4a9994f81
Justify use of xz 5 months ago
Polarian e56a6d5beb
Updated pkgspec 5 months ago
Polarian 9229486ab0
Made improvements to the spec and fixed typo 9 months ago
Polarian 32a3b01723
Fixed typo and formatting issues 9 months ago
Polarian 5d41fb6253
[WIP] specification 9 months ago
Polarian b214dc01c4 Initial commit 9 months ago