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# My report
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# MyReport
MyReport is a multi-use roblox prevention service which is used to prevent people from encountering scammers & exploiters. Our chrome extension which is currently in progress of being made will warn users of scammers.
**How does this work?**
MyReport may be found complicated by some people, but by others, it may be found very useful. MyReport uses chrome to gain access to Roblox which allows us to warn users. If a user wants to trade another user, before trading them, if they have a little icon next to their username on their profile page, it'll mark them as a scammer and the user will know not to trade this user. MyReport will also have a system in which can be integrated into any game to automatically ban all scammers and exploiters marked within the MyReport database.
**How will we know who to mark as a scammer?**
This is a great question. MyReport will rely on the community and moderators to provide evidence of users who may be potential of scamming. Our MyReport Moderators will then go through and review the evidence and look for any errors, for example, username not being clear. If the user provides enough evidence, MyReport moderators will then mark the victim as potential threat until furthur review by Head Moderator(s).